Splinters of faith

Them be some dangerous bats

Seriously? Bats?!?

After resting up yet again, the party descended back into the dungeon looking for loot, zombies, and maybe even something besides potatos to eat.  

The team decided to hook right upon entering the dungeon this time, wanting to steer clear of the big ugly they had previously seen down the other tunnel.  They were quickly greeted by another trio of zombies.  Luckily, our heroes seemed to have started learning to work as a team and the undead were quickly cut down.  Grut took a hit, but luckily his pal Thrandall was nearby to heal him.  

After battle, they proceeded to the next door and found some other type of undead inside.  Fortunately (and much to the chagrin of certain DMs), this monstrosity was cut down before it could lay a finger on the anybody.  Grut and Cher took up defensive positions outside the door and Iona fired a flaming crossbow bolt into the room, severely injuring the undead.  Grut and Cher then cut it down as it exited the room.  Iona decided to dig deep inside the cadaver and found an emerald.

On the inside of this door was tan inscription

"In the halls of eight disciplines, perfection freely offered."

The party was feeling very highly of themselves after their last victory and they proceeded to the next room.  Inside, the floor and ceiling seemed to be alive with movement.  Against his better judgement, Grut decided to leave the door open and allow what was within to come to them.  The party was quickly overrun by undead bats and rats.  Cher and Grut were able to cut down the seething pile of undead rats, but the bats seemed to cause trouble for everyone.  Cher quickly decided to lure the bats back into the room, then escaped as Grut slammed the door back shut.  The party then retreated back to town to regroup.

After a night's rest (and more potatos), the party decended once again into the darkness, steering clear of the bat room.  They decided to give the next door a try and found two more of the non-zombies (identified instead as ghouls) inside.  These were also cut down with little difficulty.

Inside, the party found another inscription on the door, but Iona was too weary from the difficult battles to be able to interpret the readings.  The party decided once again to regroup in town and pool their resource for their next forray into the dungeon.



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