Splinters of faith

They found the chickens

Iona detected magic and located tablet hidden under the rug in Almery's house.  'Take heed, for undying iniquity rests within these walls. Upon this site the scepter of united faith fulfilled destiny. The dead priest, Akruel, shall rule no longer. We, the faiths of the world, place this stone so none shall ever forget the bloodshed. Take heed, lest evil awaken!'

The party realizing they're fatigued and hungry headed back down and got a meal from the only store in town.  Next they found the inn locked up.  They went back to Almery to see if he knew of a place to sleep.  Almery unlocked the inn and allowed them to sleep.

After getting some sleep (mid-afternoon) the party got up and went for another meal.  Next they decided to retrace the events of the night before and found the footsteps in the daylight.  They followed them east out of town till they headed south.  Another set of smaller prints were found as they headed into the forest, they pressed on following the larger footsteps.

The trail rounded the hill, heading south in the forest, the trail then lead them west.  They located what looked to be a camp with 2 oxen a cart, and a horse nearby, but no owners.  

As they got closer they ran into 4 ruffians carrying crowbars and heading toward them telling them to leave.   Grut readied an action. The party warned the ruffians to stop advancing, the ruffians continued.  In response Iona shot a warning shot. The ruffians continued forward slowly.  The party continued to ready themselves.  Then the ruffians began rushing Grut whom was in front.  Grut caught the first one as he charged him.  The ruffian took a hit across the chest and continued to hit Grut.  As the ruffian hit Grut, he fell to the floor bleeding.  The next ruffian also charged Grut and hit him knocking him.  The other 2 ruffians also moved in.  One of them engaged Cher and hit her after her readied strike lightly landed on the ruffian.  Iona then proceeded to teach the ruffian the joys of burning hands.  Next a new assailant appeared from hiding to stab Thrandel.  The other ruffian still on Grut hit him one more time to drop him to the ground.

Thrandel stepped back and casted Cure light wounds on himself. Iona turned to help Thrandel by casting color spray knocking the assailant out.  Cher downed the ruffian on her with a final strike.  The ruffian standing over Grut moved over to attack Cher, but missed.  Thrandel then moved over to Grut and cured his wounds.  Grut being a little disgruntled from his defeat then, from a prone position, went into a rage.  As his body tensed, his great sword light up in flame, he struck the ruffian standing over him.  He cut the ruffian rupturing the abdominal cavity, split him in half and burnt his corpse to a crisp.

Cher got out her rope and moved next to the unconscious assailant. Iona moved to the assailant and removed his weapon and other effects in case he woke up.  Thrandel and Grut began lifting the coin purses of the ruffians.  Cher tied up the assailant. Next Cher got the assailants rope and tied him up again, and then removed her nice silk rope from the assailant.

Examining the campsite they found the remains of many chickens.  The assailant woke up and they began questioning him.  They were hired to guard the entrance to a tunnel under the hill.



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